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We have over 30+ years experience in the Greater Hartford Connecticut area (Glastonbury, East Hartford, Manchester, South Windsor) building & repairing broken or virus infected PCs & Macs, optimizing slow computers and preventing freeze-ups.

  • We can upgrade or fix your computer’s hardware or software, revive computers slowed down by malicious or aging software and clean the inside of your computer of dust and dirt that may cause your laptop or PC to overheat.
  • We charge $30 per hour with most jobs taking 2 hours.  We will give you an estimate before any work is performed.
  • If your PC or laptop needs a boost and runs much slower than when you purchased it, we can help. We scan your hard drive for any disk errors, scan your computer for malicious software with two different pieces of software, run a virus scan, check startup programs which may hog vital memory, fix Microsoft Windows registry errors and also run a disk defragmentation which will move your software to a place on your hard drive where your computer can access the data faster.
  • We also perform memory install upgrades, can add additional hard drives for more space, upgrade Windows and Apple computer software or generally troubleshoot any broken or slow computers.
  • We will not only fix your computer but also provide additional support if needed. We can teach and tutor you on how to use social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube or Instagram. We even tutor Google & SEO.
  • Google Chrome slows many computers down, we can fix that.

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